Recap!! Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen - Let's Get Into It

We loved this session of Manny’s Business Book Club! We covered a high level overview of the book, the StoryBrand 7 (SB7) points, implementation steps & so much more. Read on for some of our notes, or watch the whole session on our YouTube channel 🙂

Thank you to everyone who joined & participated! Okay let’s get started >>

Intro & Initial Thoughts

This book is AWESOME for small business owners. There is so much that you can takeaway and immediately apply to your brand messaging.

  • Customers (c’er) should figure out your offer in 5 seconds on your website
  • The importance of storytelling
    • “Nobody can look away from a good story”
  • What is noise – “if you confuse, you lose”
    • filter noise by asking these questions from the perspective of a potential c’er
      • what do you offer?
      • how will it make my life better?
      • what do i need to do to buy it?
  • Nobody is interested until it matters to them

SB7 Overview

  • Focus on a single c’er ambition
  • Clever ≠ clear
  • Open a story gap and then close it
  • Don’t brag; use empathy and authority to show you have experienced their problem as well
  • Use social proof (testimonials, statistics, awards, etc.)
  • Have a plan –> tell them the plan
  • What would a c’er be concerned about, preventing them to buy?
  • Action can be many things (i.e. direct vs. transactional)
  • CTA “buy now” should be everywhere
  • Induce small amount of fear, sense of urgency
  • Before/after approach
  • C’er should be able to visualize the path & future

StoryBrand Discussion Question:

How well do you think your brand messaging measures up to the SB7 Framework? 

P.S.- We offer brand audits – if you want us to take a look for you.


5 things you can do today, for relatively free:

  • Create a 1-liner –> and put it everywhere
  • Create a lead-gen & collect email addresses
  • Create automated email drip campaign
  • Collect & tell stories of transformation
  • Create a system that generates referrals

Final Takeaways:

  • Use worksheets provided in book to implement SB7 on your own brand
  • Implementation can go beyond c’er messaging
    • Your company culture/ employees should be ambassadors
  • Invite your customers to be a part of the transformation
  • Less noise!!!

Leave your comments, questions, and takeaways down below in the comments sections!

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