Manny's Business Book Club

Business convos from & for everyday people.

Starting February 2024, we are hosting a fun business book club that YOU should be a part of! If you have a small business, have thought about starting one, or just want to be surrounded by fun business conversations, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s a book club, but for you and your business. Completely free. Learn more down below!


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February's Book Club Info:

Book: Niching Up by Chris Dreyer

Date: Check Facebook Group for Details

Sign up by email, join our Facebook group, join our Insta broadcast channel – there are lot’s of ways to get connected! When you sign up, we will reveal our book for that month’s meeting and then we can all get to reading. Take notes, bring your questions and discussion points, stories from your experiences, we want it all! We will provide the date and time of the live session to all confirmed participants, as well as the link to join the Zoom call.

In our Business Book Club Zoom session, we will cover the highlights of the chosen book and takeaways that we can all apply to our businesses or growth mindset. There will be plenty of time for discussion and learning opportunities for business’ of all sizes and goals. And of course, networking with other great leaders like yourselves.

Let’s build together, apply what we learn and grow a community that empowers us all!

Request to Join Manny's Business Book Club!

It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free.

Sign Up & Read

Sign up by emailing us, joining our facebook group or Instagram channel. We will confirm your spot and reveal next month's book! Read, take notes, bring your discussion points. It's gonna be good.

Join & Learn

We will provide all of the session details and link to join to all confirmed participants, and then the fun begins. An hour of business lessons, takeaways and more. Something you can apply to your business immediately.

Grow Together

This is about lifting up our small businesses together. Stories to help save another business from a mistake you made once. Networking and finding a perfect collab opportunity. Let's all grow in 2024.


February's Book is focused on...




Anna & Madison here! Just 2 friends who have started a small business recently and want to connect with likeminded people who are ready to grow and challenge themselves and their business!

Read the book, join the discussion, grow your business. All free, for fun and growth. Good vibes only.

Community Values

Networking shouldn't feel like an old boys club...

Sometimes it feels like something is missing in the networking and growing-your-business space. How do we all stay connected in a connected day and age? How do we all lift each other up? Anna & I have thought about this, we don’t like the stiff and pretentious atmosphere that can go along with the traditional ways.

That’s why we are starting the untraditional option. Manny’s Business Book Club is for all of us, newbies & girlies in our entrepreneur era. What are you waiting for?


What date and time is the live Book Club?

Every meeting will always be at 7:30 CST. The meet day will change depending on the month. We will send session details & the link to join to all confirmed participants. It’s free, go ahead and sign up 🙂 Also, if you can’t make the time or have something come up, you will have access to the recording so you can watch the discussion at a later time! We will shoot for a date near the beginning of each month.

What book are we reading?

Each month’s book will be revealed the following week after the previous month’s book club meeting. Check this page or any of our socials to see the reveal!

Do I have to have a business to join?

Not at all! This is a business book club, but the discussions can be applied in an array of other ways. If you have ever thought about starting a business, want to hear about other entrepreneur’s journeys, or just bored and have nothing else to do, join all day long.

What if I can't read the book in time, can I still join?

Of course! While we do encourage active discussion and thoughts on the book, we also encourage listening & seeing what resonates with you. If time ran out and it’s already the end of the month – hop on anyway to hear from others. You might find something to contribute anyway.

How often is there a Book Club meeting?

Right now we are hosting a Book Club session once a month. If we see participation rise and need more time, we can accommodate that at a later date as well 🙂

Who is Manny?

Manny is our mascot here at MadBanana Mktg. The little yellow banana with crazy eyes. He’s so cute isn’t he??

Will there be a recording?

Yes! Anyone who signs up will get access to the recording after the event.

How will this help my business?

  1. Actively setting aside time each month to read the book, participate in the discussion, and think through how it applies to your business will absolutely increase your energy spent on your business in a positive way.
  2. Connecting and learning from other business owners will help you grow your network and find ways to avoid mistakes, collab or think in a new way, and more.
  3. Manny (& us) will be in your corner rooting you on!