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Manny's Business Book Club

Missed the last meeting for Manny’s Business Book Club? No worries. Read all about our past reads in our blog recaps! 

Prefer the full experience? Head to our YouTube for the full recorded version.

It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free. It's a book club, but for your business. Completely free.

Manny's Business Book Club

It's a virtual book club, but for your business. Completely free.

Business convos for & from everyday entrepreneurs.

Manny’s Business Book Club creates an online community that makes networking fun.
Let’s further our small businesses together through reading and collaboration!

Do you feel this way too?

Networking shouldn't feel like an old boys club...

  • Your business books are collecting dust on your shelf
  • You’re looking for new, interesting ways to grow your business
  • You don’t like the stiff and pretentious atmosphere that can go along with traditional networking
  • You don’t know how to find other small business connections to grow your business community

That’s why we are starting the untraditional option. Manny’s Business Book Club is for all of us, newbies & girlies in our entrepreneur era. What are you waiting for?


The Zoom meetings are at 7:30pm CST. The meeting day will change depending on the month. We will send session details & the link to join to all confirmed participants. It’s free, go ahead and sign up. 

The upcoming book will be revealed the following week after the previous book club’s meeting. Check this page or any of our socials to see the reveal!

If you can’t make the scheduled time or have something come up, you will have access to the recording so you can watch the discussion at a later time! Anyone who signs up will get access to the recording after the event.

Right now we are hosting a Book Club session once every other month. If we see participation rise and need more time, we can accommodate that at a later date as well 🙂

Not at all! This is a business book club, but the discussions can be applied in an array of other ways. If you have ever thought about starting a business, want to hear about other entrepreneurs’ journeys, or just bored and have nothing else to do, we’re ready to have you join.

  1. By actively setting aside time to read the book and participate in the discussion, you’ll be able to apply your takeaways to positively impact your business.
  2. Connecting and learning from other business owners will help you grow your network and find ways to avoid mistakes and collaborate with others.
  3. Manny (& us) will be in your corner rooting you on!

Of course! While we do encourage active discussion and thoughts on the book, we also encourage listening & seeing what resonates with you. If time ran out and it’s already the end of the month – hop on anyway to hear from others. You might find something to contribute anyway.

Manny is our mascot here at Mad Banana Mktg. The little yellow banana with crazy eyes. He’s so cute isn’t he??

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