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who we are

welcome to mad banana marketing! founded by Madison and Anna, we're 2 gals looking to help business owners like you through resources, connection, and possibly any services you could use a little bit of extra help with. and the little yellow guy, Manny, is our chaotic-but-good mascot who's silly actions have a way of bringing a smile to anyone's face.

what we do

here at our agency, we're serious about marketing, and unserious about everything else (pretty much). we offer digital marketing solutions in the form of custom strategization. no two businesses are alike in their needs, current standings, reputation, and progress! we'll chat, see what you've got going on, and offer a custom strategy based off what ya need most.

why we do it

we're here to elevate small businesses and lift you fellow owners up! focusing on too many ideas, wearing too many hats... we know you've got a lot on your plate. our flexibility combined with our passion and creativity allow us to customize what we know will work best for you! From Manny's Book Club to open lines of communication, we're here to support.